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We currently offer our services in San Antonio, Texas.

Perch is a direct home buyer and seller that is transforming the home sale experience. Perch helps customers sell their home on their schedule without the hassles, at market price. We enable buyers to choose from an inventory of certified pre-owned houses, making it easy to discover and close on a move-in ready, quality home. We're making one of life's biggest decisions — the sale and purchase of a home — less intimidating

We simplify selling your home by removing all the hassle and uncertainty that come with a traditional home sale. With Perch you skip the months of home showings, repairs, and contingent offers.

Perch gives you a market-price, cash offer for your home in 24 hours. We purchase your home as-is; you don't need to make any repairs. You get to choose your closing date: any weekday over the next 14 - 60 days.

No, unlike home flippers who buy distressed homes at a deep discount, we only buy homes in good condition and pay fair prices.

Perch homes are Certified Pre-Owned and must pass our 150-point quality inspection. We renovate our homes to make them move-in ready and because they are vacant, they are easy to tour. To see a list of Perch homes for sale, check out: www.perch.com/listings

Perch Title of Texas is an independent, full-service title insurance agency. They work with home sellers and buyers throughout Texas on their closing process, including the transfer of title from a home seller to a home buyer. To contact Perch Title of Texas, email hello@perchtitle.com. For more information about Perch Title, visit their website.


To sell to Perch, simply request a free offer at www.perch.com by providing a few details about your home. You'll receive a market-price offer from us the next business day. There's no need to prep your home for showings, make repairs, or worry about whether your offer will close. Once you're ready to move forward, you'll sign the purchase agreement and we'll promptly schedule a home inspection and walkthrough. From there, you close on your timeline: any weekday over the next 14 to 60 days.

Perch buys single family homes in the San Antonio area that were built between 1978 - 2014 and where our valuation of the home is between $125,000 and $400,000.

Just fill out our short form at www.perch.com and provide a few details about your home. You'll receive a free, no-obligation offer the next business day.

Your offer is valid for 7 days. If you need more time, you can request an offer extension or request a new offer at a later date.

Home estimates found on sites like Zillow are determined by their computer-generated algorithms. Perch’s offer is based on the most up to date market data in your city, complemented by local market knowledge of our team members', and factors in the condition of your home along with its unique characteristics.

Perch's offer is a real, cash offer to purchase your home, saving you the uncertainty and inconvenience of a traditional home sale.

Perch's offer to purchase your home is based on local comparable home sales and market conditions, not your local tax appraisal. Home sales in your area can sell for more than or less than their tax appraisals.

We charge a 8.5% fee. This is very comparable to a traditional home sale where you pay:

  • 6% in broker fees

  • 1% - 1.5% in concessions at closing (oftentimes this is a home buyer requesting you cover their closing costs)

  • 1% - 1.5% in overlapping housing costs — where you end up owning two properties at once due to the challenges of lining up your closing dates

  • Thousands in mortgage and taxes during the 4+ months, on average, it will take from listing to closing.

To learn more about how our pricing compares to a traditional sale, check out our pricing page.

We'll be in touch with you the next business day to let you know if we can make an offer on your home and, if so, in what amount.

Using our proprietary software, we analyze the information you provided about your home, comparable home sales in your area, and market trends to put together a fair offer for your home.

Our offer takes into account the improvements you've made to the home. Be sure to note those upgrades and improvements when you request an offer.

Yes. However, you do not need to have an agent to sell to Perch.

Note that if you request an offer from Perch on your home and are already working with an agent, we are legally required to present your offer to your agent directly.

Once you accept the offer, we will do a walkthrough and home inspection. Our walkthrough is done by a Perch team member who is reviewing that the home's condition is consistent with what we expected based on the information you had provided on the website. The inspection is the same as an inspection you'd have done in a traditional sale, reviewing everything from the homes utilities to foundation.

Based on the answers you provide in the home offer request, Perch will estimate the repairs we will need to make, after you sell to us, to get the home ready for sale. This is factored into the offer price we make. If after doing the home walkthrough we identify additional repairs that are required, you will have the option to do the repairs yourself or have Perch do them for you and deduct the cost of them from the offer price.

Perch works with a number of local, licensed home inspectors in your area to perform the home inspection.

We assume that your home will need minor repairs but if during the home walkthrough and inspection we find that more extensive repairs are necessary, you have a few options. Perch can quote the repairs, make them while the home is vacant, and deduct the cost from your offer or you can choose to do the repairs yourself. If you do not want to move forward with repairs, you can choose not to move forward with the sale without any cost or penalty.

Our goal is to make selling simple and streamlined by giving you a fair, competitive offer without the uncertainty of negotiations. However, if you believe we missed an important detail about your home, let us know by emailing us at support@perch.com. Our team will review the new information to see a revised offer is warranted.

You can reply to your offer email or send an email to support@perch.com and let us know you'd like to move forward.

We'll confirm your closing date and email you a purchase agreement for your review and signature. We then will schedule the home inspection and walkthrough within days of the signed purchase agreement. Once the inspection and walkthrough are complete, you’re getting ready to close on the day you chose.

We'll do all the heavy lifting and prepare the home for resale. Perch will make light repairs and renovations to get the home move-in ready, from changing flooring to upgrading countertops. We'll then photograph it and list the home for sale to find a great owner for it.

With Perch, you choose the closing date that works for you. Choose any weekday in the next 14 to 60 days to close. If you're in a rush or need more time, we're happy to talk through your options, just reach out to us at support@perch.com.

A title and escrow agent will reach out to you after you sign the purchase agreement. They'll schedule a time to sign the closing documents at the title office. On the close date, the escrow agent will distribute the funds.

Similar to a traditional home sale process, the seller is responsible for covering their closing costs. This typically includes (but is not limited to) title insurance policy, attorney and escrow fees, and any HOA transfer fees. The title company will be able to walk you through these costs in detail if you have any questions.

When you sign the purchase agreement to sell to Perch, an escrow account is opened. The escrow agent will send the payoff amount of your mortgage to your lender on your closing date and any remaining funds will get wired to your bank account.

Yes, after you sign the purchase agreement and before we close, you will need to provide a copy of your survey. You likely received a survey when you purchased your home. If you are unable to find your survey, the title company will be able to help you order a new one. Ordering a new survey typically costs around $400 - $500.


Perch homes are Certified Pre-Owned and must pass our 150-point quality inspection. We renovate our homes to make them move-in ready and because they are vacant, they are easy to tour. To see a list of Perch homes for sale, check out: www.perch.com/listings

You have the option to request a home showing for all of our homes. Go to any property's listing page on our website and click “Request a showing.” If you're already working with a buyer's agent, you can also let them know the address of the home you're interested in seeing and they will coordinate a tour for you. Our homes are all vacant which makes scheduling a tour on your schedule a breeze.

There are no additional fees to purchase a Perch home compared to other homes. If you're interested in one of our homes, you can make an offer on the home by contacting us at support@perch.com or filling out the Request a Showing form on the property's page on our website.

Our homes are vacant and move-in ready which means we will aim to close on your timeline.

Yes, absolutely. Your agent can work with our team to coordinate a showing for you and we will be happy to work with them.